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Stress Buster affect on the body/mind

Negative sensory input or negative thoughts and emotions cause the neuropeptides to cause the bodies cellular structure to begin top break down. The same effect happens in the immune and endocrine system which causes them to lower their ability to protect us against stress and illness.  The electrical field around the body must be strong to ward of disease factors. As the body frequency rises the electrical and auric field weakens.  This electrical field is described as Chi, Ki or Prana.  It gives a person more overall strength, vitality and protection.
The following is a greatly simplified explanation of the theory behind the Stress Buster.  The information which causes the various parts of the body to operate is carried by the body's neurological network system.  The brain serves as a "switching network center" that directs the information across the network to the appropriate parts of the body with electrical impulses through the meridian system and with chemicals known as neuropeptides and cytikinins.   These are all connected through a computer network from three levels of the mind.   Each computer system networks with a mainframe computer known as the Inner Conscious Mind and the Subconscious Mind.  The Subconscious mind acts as the data base storage memory or hard disc for all programs and habit patterns.  All three systems must work together or we will encounter malfunctions in the software that we describe as anger, fear, I am not all right, rejection, abandonment, resentment, need for control, manipulation and relationship conflicts.  This causes breakdowns in the hardware which we describe as disease and illness or mental depression etc.

Each cell is mini network computer that receives its orders from the mind through the neurological system.  Electrolytes, neuropeptides, and cytokinins in the body are carriers.  When operating properly they maintain a delicate balance of chemicals, like the storage battery in your car.   When they go out of balance or get run down, the electromagnetic fields breakdown.  The result is your batteries are run down.  The body loses its ability to protect itself properly.  The ability for the brain/mind to communicate with the cellular computers breaks down and the body becomes subject to attack by diseases, illness and outside forces.   When the physical body is in harmony, it functions at 12 to 25 Hertz.  However, stress and emotional conflict cause the internal frequency to rise to 4000 to 6000 Hertz.  When this happens, it becomes more difficult for neuropeptides, electrolytes, and the neurological system to transmit electrical impulses through the body/mind network.  The rise in frequency causes all body tissues from the skin to the organs and endocrine system to be subject to stress, breakdown causing accelerated aging.  This is the most damaging effect of increased stress and high frequency.     The result is illness depression, chronic fatigue, emotional instability and life threatening disease.    Metabolism is affected due to breakdown of the function of the endocrine glands as a result, nutrition supplied to the body slows down.  Feeling tired and depleted causes chronic fatigue and depression is the result.  As the internal frequency rises past 50 Hertz the good happy brain chemicals begin to shut down and the adrenals kick in larger doses of adrenaline to keep you functioning.  The end result of this is adrenal insufficiency as the adrenals are overworked.  They begin to produce less and less adrenaline. When production drops to 20% or less of chronic fatigue begins set in.   It is similar to low blood sugar caused by hypoglycemia which leads to diabetes but, high frequency causes breakdown in all systems of the body.  The end result is Chronic Fatigue, Epstein Bar or other forms of distress which leads to clinical depression.  Many people run to the doctor and begin taking Prozac, Zantac, Zolov, Valeium, Paxel or other mind altering drugs.  These are described as anti depressant drugs.   You can get addicted to these feeling good drugs because they suppress the symptom and cause the brain switching network to believe the symptom of total body malfunction is a false message.  The major dysfunction most people suffer from is adrenal exhaustion.  When Adrenal function drops below 20% you go into adrenal exhaustion which is clinical depression in medical terms.
With the StressBlocker the body can recover bringing the frequency down allowing the body to operate at 25 Hertz. The Adrenals can heal and resume their normal operating level.

The StressBlocker Concept

Every living being in the universe has a particular frequency that it resonates at when it is in perfect health.  Each component of that beings body also resonates at a particular frequency.  If the stress places conflict and disrupts this frequency the particular cellular structure the organ or gland is weakened and will be subject to breakdown, disease or illness.

If you take two matched tuning forks holding one across the room from the other and hit one, the other one will vibrate at the same frequency.   Your body does the same thing.  When you are subject to forms of negative vibrations of stress, fear, anger, or resentment in your environment, you begin to identify with this reactive environment and your body begins to resonate with that vibration.  If you go into flight or fight your adrenals kick in causing a strain on the immune and endocrine system.  A strong dose of adrenaline helps you handle the situation.  With this stress situation the adrenaline level in your body increases the energy level to cope with the perceived stress, danger, fear or anger.  Under normal circumstances your brain should signal that the stress is over.  Your body should get of shot of nor-adrenaline as an antidote so we can return to normal energy and frequency level. When the stress passes we should return to 15 to 25 Hertz or cycles per second.  But, if you live in stress, survival, fear or confrontive conditions your body frequency will rise to 4000 to 6000 cycles per second remain there. It may not return to a peaceful state if the stress continues over a period of time.

At this time we have tested people with frequencies up to 6000 cycles per second which is over 100 times higher that it should be.  The result will be that you begin to function on adrenaline as your body frequency continues to rise and maintain this stress level.  The ideal 12 to 18 Hz. no longer exists as our body can not return to the ideal frequency due to stress. We have found this to be the case with over 95% of the population.   

This unit acts as both an ELF generator that radiates the earth resonance signal and a high frequency 9.216 Mg Hz which is the ideal frequency for functioning of the body.  The body/mind will identify with the frequency that has the strongest effect on it.  The Stress Buster creates a fifteen foot wide circle of energy around the body which causes the body to identify with this frequency level and block out other frequencies that are stressful to the body.  All of the brain chemicals such as Interlukens, Serratonin, Interferon etc. all operate at the earth resonance 12 to 25 Hertz.   The immune system and the endocrine system work more effectively when there is no load on the adrenal glands.

Operation of the Stress Buster

Every living being in the universe has a particular frequency that it resonates at when it is in perfect health.  Each component of that beings body also resonates at a particular frequency.  If the stress places conflict and disrupts this frequency the particular cellular structure the organ or gland is weakened and will be subject to breakdown, disease or illness  The Stress Buster balances all the electrical, metabolic and electromagnetic systems that are dysfunctional shutting out the disharmonious stress that causes the body to elevate its frequency. It is operating at fifth dimensional energy.  It strengthens all the systems of the body by bringing down the frequency to the optimum level for perfect health. To be in balance, most devices, plants and animals have positive and negative energies that rotate clockwise and counterclockwise.  This creates a balance in the electrical system.  A few plants such as Garlic, Onion, and some herbs radiate a double positive field, hence their antibiotic, healing qualities.  The Stress Buster also radiates a double positive field which explains the response it creates.

 For more than 200 years of recorded history the earth frequency or Schuman Resonance was 7.83 Hz or cycles per second.  Recent research has shown that it has risen to between 13.5.   Our original Harmonizers were built at 7.83 Hz.  We had been increasing the frequency along with Schuman resonance.  The body will identify with this frequency and resonate with this frequency blocking out other interference.   When it is subjected to contact with the Stress Buster for a period of time the body will duplicate the Stress Buster frequency.  It may be up to three days depending on the level at which your frequency has risen.  When you are inside the 15 foot diameter bubble of the electromagnetic field you will notice your body begin to slowdown and relax. When your body/mind resonates at this optimum level for a period of time the body begins to heal.   You may notice that the Stress Buster needs to be recharged more often than once a week in the beginning.   If your body energy is low and you have been under considerable stress this will draw the batteries down faster as the unit interfaces and responds to your body energy level. We have had reports that people have had to charge the battery as often as every two days in the beginning.

High Frequency Unit

When we began our search we were building a low frequency Earth Resonance Generator. We continued our research for a high frequency that would accomplish what we were looking for checking through hundreds of frequencies in locating the best possible level.   Little did we know that this particular frequency we choose was only .020 off the actual frequency that the “Arc of the Covenant” functions at.  (Described in the Bible.  Also the feature in the movie Indiana Jones)

We now have discovered why this frequency is so powerful.  It apparently is a universal frequency that will activate the bodies healing modalities.  Anything or anybody who emits a negative energy is repelled by this frequency.  To achieve the end result we wanted we had to redesign the whole circuit and the coil,  plus use a slightly larger box to get the rechargeable battery pack to fit. What we have now is a unit that will run on a much lower power requirement besides being more effective.

Tesla Theory and Technology

We asked some electronic wizards, radio frequency engineers and some physicists why we were getting a clear AC sine wave coupled with a scalar wave without the circuitry to produce it.  All they could say was that we are in hyper dimensional physics and it over their head.  They could not explain it.  One comment was you are into Tesla and Einstein's realm we do not understand what you are doing.  We are apparently producing an output that no one understands nor has any history of this effect been recorded as far as we can see from our research. 

The StressBlocker generate a bio-electrical magnetic field using electromagnetic field technology developed by Nikola Tesla in the early 1900’s.  The coil-antennae produces a Scalar Wave Field   described as a longitudinal wave field that functions outside of third dimensional space/time. Since it operates outside of space time in our third dimensional world based on hyper dimensional physics it is unencumbered by the limitations of conventional physics rules.  Scalar waves operate within the etheric field which surrounds the body.

When shifted to the new unit we were working with two new research consultants and a builder that was a project engineer.  We now have on our team a Radio Frequency engineer and Physicist.  They seem to understand what we are working on and have offered suggestions on how to improve the Stress Buster.  They have said, “ It appears as far as we can understand, that we are in at the threshold of a new discovery that has not been experienced in quantum physics at this time.”  They have not been able to measure the Scalar fields output as it functions outside of conventional physical principles.  We have been able to measure the radio frequency which indicates that it is the carrier wave field.

Background and History

With today’s new computer technology and micro electronics we have been able to reduce the size of the Tesla’s original setup by 90%.  We have refined the circuitry now that 8th generation unit is much more efficient and uses much less battery current.  Originally we used 9 volt batteries. The unit used one a week which was quite expensive. We shifted to AA Nicad batteries but they have a charging memory causing them to breakdown. We now use Nickel Metal Hydride batteries. they have no charging memory plus they last up four years.  The first prototype that we built did not have a very strong field, yet it worked very well.  We knew we were on to something so we continued our research.   The production unit has a 800 milivolt output. The first unit of the current design had triple wound bifiler toroid ferrite iron core coil that was absorbing two thirds of the output.  Our RF engineer suggested we use a plastic or a non reactive ring.  With more research they suggested we go to a bar antennae.  We discovered it put out three times the power in the field.  There are no instruments to measure a Scalar field at this time, but we can pick up the radio frequency.