Feel Powerfully Alive Again!


Due to FDA regulations, we make no claims as to what the Stress Blocker will accomplish.  We can only report what users have relayed to us.  We check out the testimonials to find if we have multiple responses that verify the experiences people are having. Many claims have been made by users of the Stress Blocker, but we can not recommend it for anything as we are not Psychiatrists or doctors.   We are not allowed by law to diagnose or prescribe.   We have come to a conclusion over the past seven years that based on these reports the testimonials are accurate. 

We can give others experiences such as many people have said that it pulled them out of depression in five days to two weeks without any drugs.   Many have stopped using mind altering drugs.  A two Psychiatrists did validate this information from their experience with patients.  They choose to remain anonymous for personal reasons due their positions in the medical field.

It causes accelerated healing by activating the cellular restructuring in the body to cause cellular regeneration at about ten times faster than the time it normally takes to heal. In my case I took a chunk out of my foot with a chain saw in 1998 which was not healing very well.  As soon as I had the new STRESSBLOCKER my foot began to heal at level I had not seen before.  The only way I can describe what I saw was like freeze frame photography or watching it heal in slow motion daily.  You could actually see it heal from one day to the next. The hole closed up and healed over in less than two weeks.  The keloid scar caused by the gash is gone, all one could see after four months is a red spot in the location of the wound. After two years the red spot disappeared.  Generally in my experience I have found that deep cuts like this one took many months to heal and they leave keloid scars that very seldom ever disappear.  Most of my keloid scars have disappeared or smoothed over.

  • It seems to bring programs to the surface which I did not have awareness of in the past.  It is the best therapeutic tool I have come in contact with. 
    B.E.  California
  • I strapped the Stress Blocker over a broken leg on the cast where the break was and the break healed four times faster.  The doctor was amazed that we could take the cast off in less than four weeks.  
    J.S. California
  • Chronic  Fatigue that has been existing for years with no way out as it seems from past experience.  It disappears in less than a week. 
    J.C.  Arizona
  • I am feeling better as general well being and ability to handle stress more effectively.  Not getting angry as easy as in the past. I left the Stress Blocker home and I noticed my stress level began to rise at work. 
    C.D.  California
  • It has been reported to us by Psychiatrists that have purchased the Stress Blocker that it indeed does work with depression very well since it reactivates the brain chemicals and supports the rebuilding of normal production of  all the essential brain chemicals allowing the adrenals to slow down and heal.  As a result people seem to pull out of depression.  
    R.N.  Virginia
  • I put it on a plant that are seemingly dying. It revived in one day when the Stress Blocker is placed next to them for 24 hours. 
    T.K.  California
  • A burn totally disappeared in three days.  This was apparently caused by the activation of the cellular restructuring.
    J.T.   California
  • It apparently has caused my immune system to recover because I am recovering from a long term illness that has hung on from a long time. It is feels great to get my stamina back.   
    W.B.  New Mexico
  • It activates programs in the mind that have been covered up for years.  Apparently denial programs are forced to the surface.
    H.M.  California
  • I am finding I have more energy and I sleep less now that the stress is relieved.  
    G.B.  Colorado
  • I have been taking drugs for depression and low thyroid and adrenal function.  I continued to take the drugs until they ran out.  I noticed that I was getting the same effect from the Stress Blocker so I did not renew my prescriptions.  That was three years ago and I have not had any depression since.   The new one is even better.  Thank you so much.
    AP  California
  • I handed the unit to friend of mine and he dropped it immediately.  Said he could not hold onto it.  I checked him and cleared him of attached beings and he had no problem holding it.  
    JOE.  California
  • I had been to the doctor for my high blood pressure and he suggested that I should be taking medicine to control my blood pressure because it was 190 over 120.  I decided that I would come back next month to check it again.  It was still the same.   I bought the Stress Blocker started carrying it with me all the time.  I went to see the doctor again and my blood pressure was down to 120 over 80 in less than a month.  The doctor felt the nurse had mad a mistake, so he checked it himself with the same result.  He could not understand how my blood pressure would come down to normal. His  statement was” that just does not happen to someone your age” .  I can not attribute it to anything other than the Stress Blocker. 
    CS Arizona
  • It is amazing.  I felt burned out and the doctor said my adrenals were very low and wanted me to take drugs to build them back up.  I told him I did not take drugs of any kind.  I would find a way to help me out.  This is it.  My adrenals recovered in three days. I do not feel as stressed out anymore.  This is truly electronic medicine   
    K.S.  Oregon
  • As a doctor working in an Operating room almost everyday it can become very stressful.  My stress level has been reduced to almost zero.  I also notice the people who work with me are operating under less stress.   Everything goes like clockwork with no conflicts. 
    R.O.  New Jersey
  • My husband ended up with the cold/flu twice this winter and I usually get it from him and end up down for a week.  This time no flu or anything.  I can only assume the Stress Blocker protected me and keep my immune system up to par so I was not effected 
    C.H. California
  • For me it is a miracle because I seem to go out of my body quite often.  It is very dangerous for me to drive when this happens.  I have been solidly in my body since I have been using the Stress Blocker  
    J.S. California
  • I have had serious Immune system problems for years.  It seems that everything that comes along catches me.  The Stress Blocker has upgraded my Immune system to the point that I am very seldom sick now.  
    C.K.  California
  • When I called to find out about the unit I was willing to try anything as my blood pressure was 210 over 120 and I had lung congestion.  My legs hurt so much I could not walk around the grocery store.  In five weeks my blood pressure went down to 130 over 90 and it continuing to go down.  I have no lung congestion and I can drive trucks again.  I have gone back to work full time. 
    H.N.  Colorado
  • I would not be without my boogie Blocker because it protects me so well.  I touch many clients in my work. In the past I was picking up spirit beings attaching to me from my clients. 
    J.N.  California
  • I have had low adrenal function almost all my life.  Stress really take me down the point I can work.  My down has been increasing too.   With the Stress Blocker I have recovered totally.  I have not experienced any depression or lack of energy sine I have been using it. 
    C.K. Colorado
  • Accelerated healing of burns has been amazing.  I spilled boiling water on my face when dropped a teakettle.  The burn marks began clearing up in two weeks.  In a month they were almost gone except for redness on the skin.  There is no scaring as the burn marks are gone now.
    MK. Arizona
  • One of the most amazing sights that I have seen is old burn scars and keeled scars are disappearing.   Most of these have been on my body for twenty to forty years. It is truly amazing.
    H.M.  California
  • I finished a motorcycle race and took my protective leather cloths off and stepped into a serious third degree burn from an exhaust pipe from a racing motorcycle.  It must have been 1300 degrees when I brushed it with my leg.   The burn healed in less than one month.  In six weeks it just a was just a dark spot on my leg.  In the past it has taken six months for burns like this to heal. 
    KG. California
  • I have had panic attacks for fifteen years and can not drive in traffic.  I am able to drive anytime now without taking medicine.
    K.W.H. Pennsylvania
  • I have been running at high speed the doctor told me to slow down.  Being a workaholic it was more stressful to push myself into slowing down which caused more problems  The StressBlocker did it I am back to normal.
  • I have been using psycho active drugs for over 15 years or I go upside down emotionally.  After using the StressBlocker for four weeks I cut back on my drugs for two weeks until my prescription ran out. I have not taken drugs for two years now   I feel great with more energy and happiness in my life.
    I. Ikstrums  Washington

These are only a few of the reported users.  The most often reported effect is clearing depression lack of energy and being able to slow down. Others have reported much clearer mind and more vivid memory.  People have experienced more clear and active meditations. 
We have found that it causes an accelerated healing of cuts and wounds on the skin.  It apparently is activating some cellular response as skin cuts seem to heal in a 10 times faster than normal.  The unit is activating-supporting the immune and endocrine system.  It seems to build up a person’s immunity to illness.  It is pushing up Emotional programs that have repressed in the past.  There is only one negative aspect that we have found.  You have to deal with the suppressed feeling and programs that are forced up by the unit.

Now we find that it does much more than we expected.   People are feeding back information to us now so we can report as we write a new brochure.

We hesitate to list many results people have received due to the fact that people tend to expect certain results from the Stress Blocker as such many results might be placebo effect.  It is an adjunct that responds with your body.  You have to work with it you can not expect it to do things for you. Please do not put unrealistic expectations on the Stress Blocker it can be a catalyst for miracles, It is an adjunct for healing.   You have do your part in releasing your emotional trauma that is causing the results that you experience.  It can have a placebo effect if you believe it works, then it works on almost anything.